Trade Nanny™ is a service that is geared for beginners, who just want to a simple tool to help them analyze trading opportunities, and keep them from making bad trade decisions.

In financial terms, Trade Nanny™  is an oscillating  algorithm (based on volume and price) and it is used to gauge the strength or weakness of momentum of any given symbol (relative it’s midpoint or center lines) and indicate to either a trader or a bot, whether or not to place a trade.



  • You can use Trade Nanny™ as a tool to algorithmically assist you analyze your trading opportunities, or, Trade Nanny™ can act as ‘the brains’ behind a fully automated system.
  • Trade Nanny™ works the same way, in any market, on any symbol, on any timeframe, in any trend.
  • Unlike many algorithms designed for the stock market, Trade Nanny™ was designed for the cryptocurrency markets, from the ground up
  • Trade Nanny™ exceptionally flexible, with the ability to not only toggle logic on and off, but weight each variable in the algorithm, if you like.
  • Having just one algorithm that can handle any event – without any emotion or hesitation – is better than having ‘an algorithm for every kind of situation’, and having to choose between them, because most of the time, the situation volatile, fluid, and unpredictable.
  • If can offer traders a tie breaking decision, when their other tools are indecisive.



  • Because there is no range limit, this unbounded indicator can technically go as high or as low as the market dictates, so overbought and oversold conditions are not easy to find, though extreme readings are used in some strategies.
  • Back testing is not accurate, without correlating live trading results, and adjusting your settings accordingly.  Typically, you should optimize for least trades, with the highest accuracy, over Net Profits.
  • It does need to be optimized by hand, initially, (using a back tester) for each symbol and timeframe.
  • it is not overall profitable in all situations, especially in low timeframes, usually due to high flat percentage trade commissions, in the crypto exchanges.  (If you are using these tools to trade manually on e-trade, this may not apply to you.)





*Choose any symbol and the algorithm will tell you when to buy and sell. (Click to enlarge.)


*The ‘tester’ version allows you to fine tune the algorithm’s settings, based on the test results.  (Click to enlarge.)

      *The ‘Trader’ version allows you to set alerts that can be sent to you or your bot. (Click to enlarge.)




The cost for the algorithm subscription is $9.99 for the first month, and then $29.99 every month, thereafter.  You can cancel at any time.

NOTE: If you plan to use these algorithms to trade manually, this subscription AND a TradingView.com account is all you need.  However, if you want to automate the entire trading process, you will also need to subscribe to a bot, and VPS hosting.



– a ‘tester’ version of the algorithm, hosted on TradingView.com, which offers you for fine tuning your settings.

– a ‘trader’ version of the same algorithm, hosted on TradingView.com, which is a slightly different, and allows for trade alerts to be sent to you or your bot, once you are ready to go live.



– an account with TradingView.com, which is the platform you will use to run the algorithm.

– a bot to automate the trading process, if you seek a fully automated solution.

– a home computer, with a browser, or a Windows VPS Hosting Plan

– any actual code. We grant your TradingView.com user profile access to the algorithms, so all you have to do is login to Tradingview.com, select the one you want from a drop down menu.



In order to use this subscription, you must have a TradingView.com user profile, so we can give you access to the algorithms. Please do NOT sign up, until you have your TradingView.com account and username.  Click here if you do not already have a TradingView.com username.

Enter your TradingView.com user profile name in the form below, and then click SUBSCRIBE.  You will be taken to a secure PayPal Page, where you will login and follow the instructions provided to you, so that you can pay.

The cost for the algorithm subscription is $9.99 for the first month, and then $29.99 every month, thereafter.  You can cancel at any time. For what is included in the cost of subscription, and what is NOT, please see above, prior to ordering.

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