Many people need more than just a forum to ask questions in, when it comes to get their bots up and running.  If you would like us to set everything up for you, and then teach you how to operate everything, we are offering a simple, automated solution: algorithm + trading bot + TradingView + VPS + Kraken + 1 on 1 orientation



  • Sign up at Kraken.com and validate your account.
  • Use the simple instructions we provide you with to sign up, and pay the companies that are providing you products and services being offered to you, so that you can add and subtract services, as needed, without being tied to any of us.



  • Set up your TradingView.com Account
  • Grant your TradingView.com profile access to the algorithm
  • Set up your Windows VPS
  • Set up your Autoview on your VPS
  • Load the ‘tester’ algorithm with your favorite symbol
  • Optimize your overall settings for the symbol of your choice (you will still need to fine tune.)
  • Connect the bot with your Kraken Account API Keys
  • Load the ‘trader’ algorithm with your favorite symbol, using the same settings from the tester, and set up your alerts, with the proper syntax to do what you want to do.
  • Teach you how to use the new software, how to turn it on and off, as well as what to do and what not to do. (1hr)


PRICING $350 (One time Fee)

If you want to fully automate your trading process, then you need:

1. A monthly subscription to our algorithm.

2. A paid TradingView.com plan.

3. One these bots, or any TradingView.com compatible bot, capable of trading by converting their email (or SMS alerts) into triggers that place trades.

…at that point, the price for us to set-up, configure, and optimize your algorithm is $350