If you need a VPS for your bot, Contabo.com, is compatible with either Gunbot or Autoview, and they have a good reputation.



We have no affiliation with Contabo, at this time.  See Contabo.com for more about their offerings.

  1. Go to Contabo.com
  2. Choose VPS M
  3. go to “Operating System” and click “Options”
  4. choose “Windows Server”
  5. proceed with the payment.


If you prefer a less expensive option, use Router Hosting VPS for just 10$ / month.

  1. Click on “View vps plans”
  2. click on “Windows vps plans”
  3. go to “Super Fast SSD Windows VPS” and pick the one with 2Gb ram and whose cost is 9.95$ / month
  4. pick “Windows Server 2016”
  5. in the field “Hostname” put whatever you want
  6. proceed with the payment.