An ‘algorithm’ is a mathematical equation that is written in a coding language, in order to make a trade decision.  When placed online and run using market data, it can be used as a financial tool to help analyze trading opportunities, trades can be placed manually, or, it can be used in conjunction with a bot to place buy and sell orders, on a trader’s behalf.  The algorithms below are built upon the TradingView.com platform, so before you can use any of the services on TradingBot.tv, you first will need to have a TradingView.com account.

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Trade Nanny™  is an oscillating financial algorithm (based on a weighted combination of volume and price) which is used to gauge the strength or weakness of momentum of any given symbol.

You can use Trade Nanny™ as a tool to algorithmically assist you analyze your trading opportunities, or, Trade Nanny™ can act as ‘the brains’ behind a fully automated system.


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